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TV Antennas Click Here to Visit Our Website. are government endorsed tv antenna installers. This means that we are qualified, trained and approved to help you get ready for digital TV. The scheme was introduced by the Australian government and industry bodies so you the public can be sure that you are dealing with a trained and qualified tv antenna installer.

Our team of antenna installers are endorsed by the government across three levels:

  • Domestic – government endorsed tv antenna installers
  • Commercial – antenna installation
  • Satellite – TV antenna installers

This means that our technicians have passed the industry minimum standards for training in Telecommunications & Digital Reception Technology. This will give you comfort knowing that your tv antenna installers know and understand all of the ins and outs with the latest technology and changes in tv reception signals.

NEW Digital Antenna Upgrade $245.00.

Do you need an new Digital TV Antenna?

Want an Australian Government Endorsed TV Antenna Installer ? Antenna Installers are all Government Endorsed. If you live in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong or Canberra, simply fill in the online Enquiry Form and we’ll be in contact.
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Or talk to one of our friendly staff by simply calling us on 1300 164 831.

If you own an indoor antenna or “rabbit ears” for your current analog reception then you many need to upgrade to an external antenna. Some existing tv antennas installed after 2000 are able to receive both signals. However in some cases the equipment may need to be upgraded to receive a constant and reliable digital signal. If you are not sure about what changed you need to give our team of government endorsed TV antenna installers a call.

Let the team at get your TV antennas installations started so you can enjoy the benefits of digital tv sooner!